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Fishing Marine Accessories For Boats

DUBRO Fishing is proud to manufacture some of the most useful and high quality fishing accessories and also marine accessories for boats. These accessories include some essential gear for trolling like our downrigger, outrigger and kite releases along with the innovative Downrigger Shock Kit. Add to these the Drop Back Release and you have a all aspects of trolling and live bait fishing accessories covered.

The Chum Bag is another of our great fishing accessories and is another of our perfect marine accessories for your boat. If you fish with chum, the E/Z Load Chum Bag is a must. You will see that it is a lot cleaner to work with so your boat has less mess. It also will disperse the chum in a great free flowing manner.

The fishing lure building category has always been one that DUBRO Fishing is known for. All of our fishing accessories for sale are crafted for quality and reliability. These will help you make the best lures and leaders for your next trip. Don’t pay too much buying pre-made lures and fishing wire leaders, make your own with our fishing lure building tools and save!

If you are an offshore trolling fisherman, you will be sure to want the Kwik-Lure & Leader Keeper. This innovative fishing accessory keeps your trolling baits neat, organized and ready for quick access when time is critical. When you are the bite and you have fish in your spread, you need to be able to move quickly, the Kwik—Lure & Leader Keeper keeps everything neat and ready to go. It is one of our best fishing accessories for sale!