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Fishing Pole Holder


 Tournament fishing can be fun but broken or tangled rods can turn fishing into a stressful experience.  As long as waters are calm, rods don’t get broken or ruined.  However, rough water can turn any rod into a pile of scrap quickly.  Considering that most rod and reel combos are worth hundreds of dollars, keeping them safe is critical.   

Probably the easiest way to keep fishing poles safe and secure is with a fishing pole holder. Here at Dubro Fishing, we offer a variety of fishing pole holders and fishing pole hangers which will keep most fishing poles safe and secure even when the boat is traveling at a high rate of speed across rough water.

It doesn’t take a very large wave to turn a nice fishing rod into trash so do yourself a favor and invest in a fishing pole holder.

The great thing about our fishing pole holders is that they can be secured to the ceiling of a boat, a wall in a house,  garage or almost any other type of wall. The ceiling of a boat is where many anglers like to keep them so their rods are only inches away when they need to change the rod or put them away for the ride back to shore. 

When fishing tournaments, many anglers like fishing pole holders because they can keep their favorite rod setups ready for action at a moments notice. Often anglers will keep several fishing poles rigged and ready for action. If one type of lure/line combo is catching all the fish, they keep using it. If all of a sudden the fish like a different setup, anglers will put one pole back in the fishing pole holder and grab a different pole that is already set up.

A fishing pole holder for a boat is an inexpensive insurance policy for anyone that has more than one fishing pole. Some anglers call them fishing pole hangers; others call them fishing pole holders. Regardless of what you call them, they are worth the investment.