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Fishing Wire Leader Making Tools

The E/Z Twist and E/Z Twist Pro are the best fishing leader making tools on the market and have been for decades. Any angler who wants to make their own haywire twist single strand leaders must have a good wire leader tool. The E/Z Twists make professional quality haywire twist wraps and create super strong leaders that outshine other fishing leader making tools.

The Kwik Twist wire leader tool makes a great barrel wrap in single strand wire. This wire leader tool is perfect for making thee leaders most commonly used for musky and Northern pike fishing. When you tie into a toothy fish, you do not want to lose them because of them biting through your monofilament or your wrap on your wire leader coming undone. The Kwik Twist wire leader tool makes professional barrel wraps that will not lose fish.

The DUBRO Fishing Wire Straightener is the perfect compliment to your wire leader tool. This innovative tool will straighten our your fishing wire leader after a fish has rolled and coiled it up. The Wire Straightener simply slides around the leader and while pulling towards you the leader will become straight again. This will save you cost in buying new leaders and time from re-tying. This is just another essential wire leader tool from DUBRO Fishing.