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Fishing Lure Making Tools

Building fishing lures and other tackle is extremely rewarding. When you catch a fish on a customized lure or leader that you made it seems to be even more special. Having the ability to change to whatever the current conditions throw at you will be you new secret weapon. Having the right fishing lure making tools is very important as well, your presentation to the fish is crucial and the lure making tools will determine if you make them correctly or not.

The Bucktail Twister is perfect for building fishing lures like bucktails for musky and northern pike. You will save yourself a lot of money buying the components and building your fishing lures yourself. Instead of $15-20 for each bucktail, you may only spend $2-3. This handy bucktail fishing lure making tool will save you a lot which you may need for the taxidermist after you connect with your next wall hanger!
The E/Z Twist Pro and E/Z Twist will allow you to make your own wire leaders with haywire twists, the strongest wrap you can use on a fishing leader. Another set of great fishing lure making tools that will save you money and help put more fish in your boat.

The Kwik-Tie Hook Sneller and the Nail Knotter both are fishing lure making tools that make it easy to snell two lines together, tie a nail know or perform many other knots you will need. These fishing lure making tools are just what you need to put more fish in the boat!

The Fishing Line Scissors are essential tools for building fishing lures. You will see that they can provide better leverage and sharper blades than other brands of fishing line scissors making cutting even the tough super lines a breeze. Cutting braided fishing line can be difficult and these inexpensive scissors take all the hassle out of it.