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Fishing Release Clips

The DUBRO fishing releases clips are made from quality components in the USA. With easy to use tension adjustment screws, these release clips for fishing make a clean release on every bite! DUBRO Release Clips are rust resistant and feature our E/Z Adjust Tension Screw for fine tuning of line release tension. When a fish strikes, these fishing release clips trigger and the rest is up to the angler! Don’t miss a strike because your fishing release clips don’t release. The DUBRO Fishing release clips will offer the fine tune adjustments you need when targeting any species you are after.

The DUBRO Downrigger Release Clip mounts between the thimble and ball giving a clean release when the fish hits. This also makes hooking up the ball easier than ever. Connect a Downrigger Shock Kit in-line with your fishing release clip to provide extra shock absorption when the ball is being brought up. This way you don’t break off the ball when it hits the top of the downrigger.

The Drop Back Release mounts right on your rod and allows you to keep the bail open while in the rod holder. This fishing release clip acts as your finger on the line and with the E/Z Adjust tension screw, you can set the pressure as light or heavy as you choose. When the fish hits you get a free spool and you can give them as much line as needed. Great for finicky fish!

These fishing release clips from DUBRO Fishing will help you get more strikes and land more fish!