New Twister Track Knob Reveal At ICAST '23

New Twister Track Knob Reveal At ICAST '23

Well folks ICast 2023 is in the rear-view mirror and attendees are back home getting their rest from a long week. The show unveiled new products from companies and DUBRO was one of those that had some new things to release.

 The first one is the new Twister Track Knob made for track mounted bolts and accessories. This was one that I was really excited about as I was fortunate enough to have a hand in the design and testing in. It is funny how sometimes a conversation during the dead time of a boat show can spark a product idea. Brian Schiller and I were at the Indianapolis boat sport and travel show and were discussing what products would make our day more efficient on the water. One of my nemeses has always been wrestling track knobs for my kayak. Many mornings on the ramp staging my kayak for launch I should have had an explicit lyric labeled on me from all the not so nice words flowing out of my mouth while fumbling uncooperative cross threaded knobs.

Brian went back home, and I returned to my 9-5 but we continued to talk about the design aspect of this knob. We talked about how it needed to have the ability to be used in cold weather situations in which dexterity is poor. The conversation then went to the knob needs to stay tight and not loosen over a trip, then came the idea to add a “blender” blade appearance to the top of the knob to cup the fingers for greater torque control when tightening. Brian then dropped the bomb that they have these great color options, and my mind started racing with color combos and how great the color options would be.

There were a few revisions and drawing modifications along the way to get it to a 3d printed state. Once that occurred, I started using and abusing the knobs for a few months. As with any project there were some tweaks and some not-so-great moments along the way but the feedback back to DUBRO was taken seriously and they acted upon it. I beat the hell out of these knobs, and they stood up to my torture test so I am confident they will not fail. I had complete confidence though out the process that DUBRO had the materials dialed in and they do.  

After the testing portion we all signed off on the design and the production mold was made. This was a proud moment for Brian & I as we had accomplished what we set out to do and that was to make the best knob we could. The knob not only blends together our ideas but also relies on the expertise of DUBRO and their manufacturing knowledge and they knocked it out of the park. It is awesome to see a family-owned business full of great people take a chance on kayak fisherman and let them design a product.

One of my absolute favorite parts of the knob is its affordability at $10 for a 4 pack of stainless-steel inserted knobs with color options. This product is made in the United States and was designed for anglers by anglers. If you get a chance check them out on the website under kayak and boat accessories. Remember these are ¼- 20 compatible and work well with many boat accessories too. Also stay tuned as we will be working on more products!


Written By- Matt Gibson Pro Team Member