About Us

DUBRO Fishing was founded in 1982 by Dewey (Orv) Broberg. DUBRO Fishing is a division of DU-BRO Products, Inc. which has provided high quality, innovative products to the Radio Control (R/C) model industry since 1959. Orv launched his new company by joining his two passions, radio control and fishing. He took a nose gear steering arm from a model airplane and turned it into a totally innovative downrigger release. With the success of his first product, Orv pushed forward and carved his place in the tackle industry with dozens of new products over the next 8 years.

Jim Broberg of Dubro Fishing Products standing in a boat with a big muskie caught on big bucktail made with their bucktail tool
In 1990, Orv sold his life's work to the people he knew could take it to the next level, his son Jim and daughters Gayle and Kathy. Jim Broberg and the rest of the team from DU-BRO Products continued with one vision in mind...create innovative products that help anglers catch more fish and enjoy their time on the water.

Jim Broberg, President of DU-BRO Fishing, is a hardcore freshwater and saltwater fisherman like his father. Since he was a kid, Jim has had a level of excitement and drive that not only made him a success in business, but also on the water. Jim has the innovative/creative mind of his father and his time on the water is usually spent thinking about products that would make his trip better. This is where most of our products are developed, on the water. A board room is not the place to create a fishing product. You need to be where you will use it to know its benefits. This is the philosophy of DUBRO Fishing, and it is one that we are proud of.
We are sure that when you give our products a close look, you will see quality, craftsmanship, and more importantly, you will see that they were developed by a fisherman.