Hang-M-High Ceiling Fishing Rod Rack

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$ 25.00

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The Hang-M-High ceiling fishing rod rack is an impressive item that makes hanging your fishing rods very easy!  This great fishing rod rack mounts on the ceiling of your garage, home, cabin, boathouse or shed and holds 8 fishing rods and reels securely.  

*******************2 sections included in purchase***************************

The installation is simple and easy.  Simply use (2) #8 screws (not included) and secure to the ceiling surface.  You will want to select the proper fasteners (screws) for the surface you are mounting to.  This may be wood, drywall, concrete, etc.  

Once the ceiling fishing rod rack is secure, place the butt and tip of the rod in the hanger and you are done.  You can also alternate the fishing rod butt and tip to provide extra clearance for larger fishing reels.  This allows you to quickly and easily access the rods when you are ready to fish or return them to the rod rack when you are finished for the day.  

The Hang-M-High is made in the USA and includes a silver anodized track and super strong molded hangers.  

  • Holds 8 fishing rods with reels connected
  • Mounts to ceiling (garage, home, cabin, boathouse or shed)
  • Keeps fishing rods up and out of the way, protecting them
  • Easily hang and remove fishing rods when needed
  • Works great with fly fishing rods!
  • Overall dimensions of each track section (2 Sections included):
    • Width: 25.25"
    • Height: 3"
  • Mount the track sections at the best distance apart from each other to cradle your fishing rods.  You can mount them closer together for shorter rods or farther apart for longer rods.  
  • Made in USA