Lure & Leader Twister (In-Line Spinner Tool - Wire from .029" - .039")

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This will not work for large BUCKTAILS.  This is for Wire from .029" - .039".  For larger wire, please order the BUCKTAIL Twister #1265

Why spend more on pre-made in-line spinners or wire leaders when you can make the perfect color and blade combinations yourself and save? The Lure & Leader Twister will make quality leaders and baits for a fraction of the cost or you can repair your favorite lure and keep fishing with it.
Match the hatch, adjust for conditions, do whatever it takes to make that finicky fish strike! With the Lure & Leader Twister your options are endless. This easy to use tool can accommodate wire from .029" - .039" in diameter and will allow you to put the barrel wrap on both ends of the lure.
Save money and create the next hot bait with the Made in the USA DU-BRO Lure & Leader Twister.

*Mounts in your bench vise for secure hold.
*Vise not included

See the video below of the BuckTail Twister. This is the same tool but it works on larger wire sizes. The functionality is the same as the Lure & Leader Twister