Nail Knotter Tool

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The Dubro multi-purpose Fishing Nail Knot tool makes it easy to quickly connect two fishing lines of different diameter together by creating a strong nail knot, or to snell trailing hooks or bait rigs.   This affordable tool is one of the most popular knot tying tools for fly fishermen and salt and fresh water fishermen for quickly creating snell knots or Nail knots.    

The Nail Knot tool works with 20-250 lb. monofilament line, Dacron line or nylon coated cable and fly lines.    

Why Use a Nail Knot / Snelling Tool

Nail Knots can be tied with out using a knot tool, but the knot tool allows you to tie them faster and usually creates a much stronger nail knot.  This awesome fishing knot tool also allows you to tie professional snells quickly allowing you to make leaders or bait rigs while on the water.    

How to use the Nail Knot / Snelling Tool

First pick up the knot tool and thread the main fishing line into the groove on the top of the tool handle. 

Next step is to add your swivel or hook if you want one at this end of the leader.   Now begin wrapping your line around the the tube.  Usually, four to five wraps is the perfect amount of wraps.

The next step is to run the fishing line down the tube until it comes out the bottom, while also keeping pressure on the line wraps with your finger. 

Now open the tool, while keeping the wraps in place.  Then place the snell end hook or swivel over a nail or something sturdy to help with cinching the knot in place. 

While keeping pressure on the wraps, pull the tag end to start cinching it.  Adjust the knot distance and loop size you desire.  Once the knot and size of loop is perfect you can completely cinch it down by pulling hard on the tag end of line.   Once the nail knot is completely tight remove excess line from the tag end by trimming it with quality fishing scissors or a knife.  

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -