Spring Prep For Spring Success

Spring Prep For Spring Success

As spring approach it’s time to start thinking  about those days on the water. When start off by assessing what tackle I have. Anymore I try to buy as much tackle in bulk as possible. An example of this is that I know I will need green pumpkin and back and blue tubes. I will attempt to buy those in 50-100 packs whenever possible. Next I will start to collect the tackle and place them in the correct place. Some of the tackle will go into tackle boxes, while the rest will go into tackle management systems in my garage.

After I take an inventory of tackle and get ordered the tackle needed I start to strip down all my reels and purchase line in bulk. Personally I use Vicious line and they sell in bulk including fluorocarbon as well as braid. Something worthwhile is also checking for any damage in you eyelets or any other damage there may be on my rods.

One of the last things I will do to get ready for the year is to get my NuCanoe Unlimited kayak dialed in. This includes any registration that needs to be done,  any sort of cleanup from the previous trips, and any new rigging of accessories. 


These are just a few of the things I consider when gearing up for the season to have more successful trips out on the water.  So dig in to the gear, clean the winter dust off, and get ready to catch more fish.


Written By- Matt Gibson