Fishing Lure Making Tools

Fishing Lure Making Tools

DUBRO Fishing has many tools that you can use to make your own fishing lures. These lure making tools will help you build all types of baits, lures and rigs to help you catch more fish while saving money and having fun creating your own tackle.


Fishing is a lot of fun. Spending all your hard earned money on fishing lures is not. One way to spend less on fishing lures is building your own. Here at Dubro Fishing, we offer a wide variety of lure building supplies so anglers can make their own lures. Below are three reasons anglers everywhere should make their own lures.

  • All of our lure building supplies are priced right so you can purchase the tools you need to make lures without breaking the bank. In many cases, when building your own lures, you can build several for the cost of buying one lure at the bait shop. With our fishing lure making tools, you can make lures for musky and pike. Both of these fish can be extremely aggressive and ruin a lure quickly. By investing in the proper tools, if you lose a lure or two it isn’t a big deal because you can make another one quickly and easily.
  • Many anglers buy lure building supplies and build their own lures is because it is fun. Fly fishermen all over the world tie their own flies because it is fun and exciting to know the fish you pulled in the boat was caught on a lure you caught yourself. With our lure making tools, you can make bucktails for musky fishing or inline spinners for pike.
  • Every angler should buy lure building supplies and start building their own lures is because they can customize their lures. Every angler knows that just because a musky hits a bright red bucktail today doesn’t mean he will tomorrow. Tomorrow he might like dark green or blue. What if there isn’t a blue bucktail in the boat? With our tools, any angler can quickly and easily build their own lures and customize them so they are every color of the rainbow. Many competition anglers use our lure making tools to build new lures at night after a long day on the water so the next day they have fresh lures that are the color the fish have been hitting. Do you want to save money, have fun and catch more fish? Build your own lures.


There are a variety of fishing lures on the market. If you walk down the aisle at a sporting goods store, it can be hard to determine which ones are best. Over the years, I have fished across North America and I have determined not all fishing lures are created equal. Below are a few of my favorite fishing lures for all around fishing.

  • One fishing lure that has been extremely popular for decades is spinners. Spinners are relatively inexpensive, flashy by design, and are known for their ability to catch several different species of fish. One of my favorite species to target with a spinner is a brown trout. Trout are aggressive eaters in the spring and summer and will grab a spinner when they are feeding late at night. Here at Dubro Fishing, we offer a variety of lure making supplies so you can make your own spinners. You can also use our tools to repair your favorite spinner which can save you lots of money. Spinners work well on trout and when bass fishing. A spinner is a great all around fishing lure for almost about any species of fish.
  • It is no secret that one easy way to dress up a spinner is with a fox squirrel tail. Fox squirrels are easily harvested in the fall hunting season. Harvest a few squirrels and use our tools to design and build your own spinner baits. Nothing beats catching a nice brown or brook trout on a lure you built yourself.
  • Another all around great fishing lure is a Rapala stick bait. These are available in a variety of sizes and colors and make a great bait for catching trout. The Rapala floating minnow is a great choice. The X Rap translucent is also a great option.
  • Another fishing lure option that many anglers never leave the sporting goods store without is a crawler harness. Everybody loves fishing with crawlers and using a colorful crawler harness can increase the odds of catching fish. A cool benefit of a crawler harness is you can easily build one from scratch to save a few dollars. With a few lure building supplies, you can quickly and easily build your own crawler harnesses.