How to attach a Downrigger Release

How to attach a Downrigger Release

This is a great video done by a DUBRO Fishing customer who explains each step of the process of attaching our Downrigger Release.  This is a very easy product to use and allows you to fish your bait at a precise depth while still getting a clean release when the fish strikes.  

While downriggers have been around forever, they can be intimidating to an angler who has never used them before.  They are a great solution for fish that are down at certain depth that will react to a trolled lure/bait. Once you attach the downrigger release to the downrigger line/cable, you will lower the downrigger ball to the depth you want.  If the tension on the downrigger release is too loose, the line will "pop" off the release and raise to the surface.  If it is too tight, a fish will hit the lure and not pop the release and potentially lose the fish.  This is why our adjustment screw is so great.  You can set the perfect tension for your lure weight and trolling speed.  

Let's cover attaching the DUBRO Fishing Downrigger Release:

  1. First, retract the retainer on the metal clip and thread the red downrigger release onto the wire form.  
  2. Next you attach the metal clip to your downrigger ball/weight.  Note, this is the most versatile release and can be "stacked" or used as a "slider".  For info on how to do those, contact us or see the drawing here.
  3. Close the retainer by depressing the wire form and sliding the retainer over the open end of the wire form.
  4. Now, firmly grasp your line on both sides of the release and snap it into the groove.  
  5. Finally, adjust the tension screw on the downrigger release with a small screwdriver to set for the perfect amount of tension for your lure and trolling speed.  

Here is the video made by downriggershop