Why Fish with Spinners?

Why Fish with Spinners?

When it comes to fishing, one fishing lure that often outshines the rest is the spinner. Spinners have been around for decades and anglers love them because they are an extremely versatile fishing lure. Ernie Miller from West Michigan knows about using spinners. Miller is a fishing guide. One thing every fishing guide needs is a variety of lures that vary in size and color. “When it comes to fishing all day on the water, I enjoy using spinners because they are easy to use, come in a variety of colors and sizes, and fish like them.”


Every day on the water is different which is why anglers like spinners so much. “Fish often hit different presentations when the water is warm and sunny verses cloudy. Every day is different and every species of fish is different. Having several different spinners available is necessary when I am fishing several days in a row on the same body of water,” Miller explained.



There are several different approaches to fishing with spinners. One approach many anglers take is matching the color and size of the bait fish in the lake they are fishing. Another option is to stand out. Both methods can work well. “Whether I am fishing walleyes or bass, the first thing I do is try to match the bait fish in the area I am fishing. It is often a shiner or minnow of some type which works well. If that approach doesn’t work, I change things up and try to stand out a little bit,” Miller added.


Bright colored spinners are great fishing lures when you want to take the candy bar approach: having your fishing lure stand out from the crowd. “When using the same old spinner doesn’t work, I try something bright that attracts the attention of the fish. One great thing about spinners is I can use a bright spinner with a nightcrawler or other bait. The bright spinner and live bait combo often does the trick,” Miller noted.


Fishing with spinners is fun, but having piles of spinners in a boat that vary in color and size can be very expensive. Anglers can save money by building their own lures, including spinners. Dubro Fishing offers a Buck Tail Twister, a Lure and Leader Twister, and a variety of other tools that anglers can use at home or in the boat to build fishing lures including spinners of all shapes and sizes.