The Best Ceiling Fishing Rod Racks

The Best Ceiling Fishing Rod Racks

The more fishing rods a person has, the more likely it is that a rod will be accidentally broken.  When several fishing rods are stored together in the corner of a basement or a garage, chances are sooner or later, the line from several rods will get twisted together and a rod tip will be broken beyond repair. Worse yet, a pile of fishing rods stored on the floor can quickly be destroyed by a basketball, soccer ball or any other toy that accidentally drops out of a kid’s hands when they are coming into or out of a basement or garage. The easiest and most economical way to keep your fishing rods safe when they are being stored is by installing a Ceiling Fishing Rod Rack.

Ceiling Fishing Pole Racks are the best because they are inexpensive, easy to install, versatile and can protect a wide variety of different types of fishing rods. How versatile are Ceiling Rod Racks? They can be attached to a garage ceiling, the ceiling of a cabin, house, or boat house. It can be used in a shed, a basement or almost any place where you would store fishing rods. A few years ago, I wished I would have had the rod rack in the basement. I accidentally stepped on a rod when I walked into my storage room and busted the tip off of one of my favorite fly rods. Was I able to get the rod fixed? Yes I was. Did it cost more to fix than a rod rack would have to purchase? Yes it did.

The Dubro Hang-M-High Ceiling Fishing Rod Rack is the best ceiling fishing rod rack because it can hold up to eight different rods. Most anglers have a wide variety of specialty rods that spend a lot of time in storage. This system can accommodate spinning rods, salmon rods, bait casting rods and even fly rods. It can be hung so it can be used with long and short rods. The Dubro Ceiling Fishing Pole Rack truly is the most versatile fishing rod rack on the market today.

What is your time worth? A lot!  I have learned that watching tournament anglers keep their garage or barn where their fishing gear is stored well-organized so when they are preparing for a tournament or another day on the water with the family, they can quickly load and organize the boat and get on the road.   Almost every hardcore angler I have fished with has some type of rod storage system set up for all of their rods. Many anglers have multiple rod racks set up. Multiple rod racks can be set up side by side to accommodate as many rods as an angler may have.    

Best of all, the Hang-M-High Ceiling Fishing Rod Rack is made with an impressive silver anodized track and super-strong molded rod hangers so the system will last for years.

We believe the Hang-M-High Ceiling Fishing Rod Rack is the best ceiling fishing rod rack on the market today for the money.