When you have one or two fishing rods, storing them is no big deal. They can be placed in the corner of the garage, put in a storage shed, a basement, or even a closet. Most anglers have multiple fishing rods. Keeping fishing rods that are different lengths with different diameters and different reels on them organized can be extremely difficult. Most anglers eventually realize that they may need a fishing rod rack, but they figure that they can make a rod rack at some point. The some point never comes.


Sooner or later, most fishermen realize they have a problem keeping their fishing rods properly stored. They typically discover the problem when they are loading their fishing rods into the boat, truck, or pulling them out of a closet. As a rod tip snaps off a rod, they think to themselves ‘man I really need to build some type of fishing rod storage system,’ but they never get around to it because they work 50 hours a week, Johnny has soccer games, and Sara has guitar lessons. If this sounds familiar, realize there is an inexpensive solution to the problem that doesn’t require the angler to be a handy man. No saws, tape measures, or hours of work are required. Dubro Fishing offers a wide variety of rod racks that can be used to quickly and easily store fishing rods. One of the greatest things about Dubro Fishing rod racks is that they are versatile. They can be attached vertically and horizontally. A horizontal rod rack is one of our favorite ways to properly store fishing rods.


One of the main reasons we prefer horizontal rod racks is because they can be put up quickly. It is easy to put fishing rods into the rack and easy to take the fishing rods out of it. One of the easiest places to put a horizontal rod rack is on the ceiling of a garage, cabin or boat. The best horizontal fishing rod racks allow the angler to keep the reels on the rod during storage. The horizontal rod rack is rust resistant so it can be used in areas where there is salt water fishing, and is adjustable so a variety of different length fishing rods can be stored in one rack.


Dubro Fishing offers a variety of different horizontal fishing rod racks. The beauty of their fishing rod racks is that many of them can be used as a horizontal fishing rod rack or a vertical rod rack. Because of this versatility, a fisherman can use the same rod rack in their boat or cabin as they do in their basement or garage. Multiple rod racks can be purchased and placed in several locations so an angler’s rod racks are the same at all their locations.


Anglers who spend a lot of time fishing will place one horizontal fishing rod rack in a topper on their truck, one at the cabin, and one at home. This will keep their rods safe, regardless of where they are traveling to or from. Some anglers also use the rod racks on their boats. All of Dubro Fishing rod racks are extremely affordable, user-friendly, and built in the USA!