The Forgotten Soft Plastic

The Forgotten Soft Plastic

One of the most underrated and forgotten about soft plastics is the tube. This bait still produces numbers, and size as it did decades ago. The tube can be used in many situations and for a multitude of different species that can be caught on it. It isn’t just a smallmouth deal either, it can also produce big largemouth and even shoal bass. I have caught fish on it from northern Michigan all the way to Georgia, and everywhere between. 


The great thing about a tube is the many ways that you can rig it.


If you are from the North chances are you may have learned to throw a tube on a tube jig. Basically a lead head with an exposed hook. This is great for when there is no debris, or any sort of wood structure in the body of water you are fishing. To prevent unwanted hookups, aka snags, try a technique called the stupid tube. This is a lead head with a hook that can be placed in the tube allowing it to be weedless. You start by flipping the tube over and inserting the hook through the hollow portion of the tube. After getting about a ¼ way up the head pop the hook out. After this done you simply pull the head through the tube. The head then will flip, and the eye of the head can be pushed out of the plastic. Push the hook through and then rig it like you would a Texas rig.(Tip: use a pair of scissors to cut the side of the tube you are first going through. This will help with getting the hook to penetrate easier on a hookset) This is my favorite way to rig the tube. It is great for skipping docks, fishing brush, and rivers as well.


You can also find success in flipping a tube. I really like to use the Trokar tube hook paired with your favorite flipping weight. I use to be a stone cold hater of anything tungsten, but really like it for this application and how the profile matches the tube. When using a tube in this application I absolutely never, ever, ever, ever, peg the weight. The reason being is I do not want to hinder the action of the tube. No matter how you rig the tube, it will dart and spiral. This is the beautiful thing about a tube, so don’t mess it up with pegging the sinker. 


Written By- Matt Gibson

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