Top 3 Christmas Gifts For 2022

Top 3 Christmas Gifts For 2022

Top 3 Fishing Gifts For 2022

Christmas is just around the bend, and you may still be looking for something to get that special fisherman in your life.   Fishermen acquire gear throughout the year, and their wish lists may get knocked down before the holiday ever rolls around.  Here’s a few fishy items we recommend to keep your special angler organized & efficient both on & off the water.


 Hang-M-High & Trac-A-Rod Rack

Our Fishing Rod racks help keep rods organized, and help prevent them from damage.   They can mount to the wall, ceiling, and just about anywhere .  You can add as many sections as you need to keep all your rods protected.  $21 and up


Nail Knotter Tool

Our Nail Knotter Tool  helps make tying those tough knots simpler & easier for fishermen of all levels.    Whether you're snelling your own hooks, or trying to connect two different fishing lines together, the knotter tool helps remove the struggle.  $21.95


Bottle Bit Fishing Line Stripper

The Bottle Bit Fishing Line Stripper makes the task of respooling any fishing rod fast & easy.   Long gone are the days of hand peeling lines off your reel, getting tangled in it, and trying to get it all cleaned up into the garbage can.  The bottle bit allows you to use any plastic bottle to wrap your line around powered by your power drill so once that line is peeled off it can go right into the recycle bin. Retail $5.45


Best Thing of all All 3 of these items are $30 or less.   Get your fisherman organized and efficient this holiday season at Dubro Fishing.